Sunday, May 30, 2010

Indonesia Has Signed Letter of Intent for Forestry Renovation

Indonesia has signed Letter of Intent about forestry renovation in Indonesia for reduce green house effect emission. This letter of intent has signed by the president of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the president of Norway Jens Stoltenberg. In this corporation Indonesia obtain fund 1 milliard US Dollar for forestry renovation from damaged in Indonesia. For this, Indonesia agree to apply memoratum usage protection of natural wood and peat most land for two years. This is commitment that has been waiting its action. Action in aid of development countries that has forest to renovation. In other side, Development countries should keep its forest from damage. This is a one of commitments that had agreed in Kopenhagen convention in December ago. In that United Nations Convention of Global warming in Konpenhagen was mention that development forested countries has a right obtain the fund 30 milliard US Dollar for renovation its forest from economical countries between 2010 to 2012.

So far, Indonesia has not been confirmed where the application of forest renovation and places as pilot project. Hope Riau province is the one of that place, cause look from damage of the forest Riau province is one of the places that forest condition the most damage. Such as Tisso Nilo National Park, just only the name, the conservation forest but the biggest park of the content is palm oil plantation.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Meteor, The Outer Space Material, Falling Down to Indonesia.

WEDSUDCC4N3A As Tempo Interactive report that meteor falling down to Jakarta, binding some of citizen houses. There tree houses at Duren Sawit. Astronomy researcher from the National Aeronautics and Space Institute, said falling space objects hit three houses in Duren Sawit, the size is about a coconuts. The directions is possibly come from the southeast, then hit the wall and go into the middle room, then the last hit, is in the back wall,' says Prof. Thomas Jamaluddin, astronomy researcher from National Aeronautics and Space Institute (Lapan) told to reporters of Tempo Interaktif. Besides the hole and thermal effects in the house, Lapan did not find any chunks (as a evidence), but Researcher can be sure it should be a Meteorite.

The evidence as pieces of Meteorite is kept by the Jakarta Police Officer. The Head Police Laboratory of Forensic (Labfor) Amri Kamil said that although the same composition substantial of material as meteorite data as they found, he cannot confirm it as meteorite. Labfor will also coordinate corporation National Aviation and Space Institute (Lapan) and National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) to reveal this case. The Meteorite material that in Police Officer is White and Black dust, guest as Meteorite Material, and Police sure that material is pieces of meteorite.

Meteorite is a material space if touch the earth surface is flame brightly, Brighter than Venus planet. Found in the ancient Indonesian citizen is a good material for metal elixir in making Keris Weapon. Keris is the traditional weapon in Java and other place around Indonesia. But now, Keris is rather become a souvenir than a weapon. May be now a pistol is suggested be own instead of it.

The Material are not on location when the meteorite falling down to Wawo Mountains, at Bima residents, Central Java. Gestured that the material has been stolen by the citizen considered the material is valued, scare to obtain and expensive price.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pekanbaru Youngster

Pekanbaru youngsters express his spirit on the Saturday Night by motorcycles in public road. Some of them rather to choice hang out on park café together with some their friends. Street out door café is a favorite place to be there where baking corn and some soft drink like bottled tea has sale on it. Long of Sudirman street at Bandar Serai Town Hall many of it café. This place is interesting because town hall has big yard some hot spot of a free internet access preferred on it. Else was beautiful place some free music street had sometime present here. This place are also near of classes Hotel named Sahid Hotel. Some prestigious event like seminar and exclusive meeting had been often in this Hotel. That is caused youngsters like this place become a meeting town place.

Another Gajah Mada dan Diponegoro Boulevard is favored by youngsters to go there on reason the beautiful place. Because on this place some government building like province Hospital, Governor Hall, Police Headquarter, and not far from mayor town office this place is always guard by policemen from mischievous youngsters. Guardian make ill feel youngster in this place. This place is always become a legal place to festival, carnival, and some formal public event such as New Year party will after more days, National Liberty Day August 17 months ago, and some public event like healthy long march. Also Car Free Day on Monday morning on both this boulevard.

Not far from this place is Cut Mutia road behind Public Library and Governor office become places of youngster meet. Every Saturday night will look a flock of Pekanbaru youngster at a long of that road much of them is a biker. In this place bikers get a track of champion in this road that usually not much vehicle.

Some of youngs obtain fun under bridge of lekton. In this place is grass root cafe. We can buy some food at the bank of Siak river on open sky sight and look the wide river.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Terrorisme against United State of America

Terrorism is the most fear thing now in the world. Terrorist is named like that as the one or groups who act a threat or attack to the people or citizen or specific community for struggle of their interest that part of his struggle.
Struggle is for justice, the truth as their faith, freedom of hypocrite, freedom of threat, or something like idealism life in the world. Struggle for idealism is an honor. Terrorism is the result of unjust, hypocrite, cruelty, tyranny. That all things cause terrorism become permissive to legal violence to achieve a goal. Because that all, violence is the part of war, struggle, strategic. In their mind, this situation is a war. Some statement of terrorist is sounds like make United State of America and his property as a target of attack. The terrorist look that United State of America is the ruling actor making unjust, tyranny, thus need to attack to reduce the negative behavior of America. Terrorist Bomber attack in JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton Jakarta July 17, ago is one of example that give evidence that terrorist attack make United State of America properties is the target of terrorism. In a blog: said that JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton attack purpose to break the economic and financial support of American Businessmen, who are meeting in JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton. Economic and financial is the target of attack of terrorism. That Economical and Financial support make United State cruelty in the world. We know that how United State attack Afghanistan badly damage behind the reason looking for Al-Qaeda Terrorist. There by also happen in Iraq. Iraq crushed is caused by American attack behind the reason prevent Iraq acquiring chemical and biological weapon. Really, there is no chemical and biological weapon belonging of Iraq. No Evidence such as that United State of America accused, including no chemical or biological weapon in Iraq, neither Al-Qaeda Terrorism group in Afghanistan. That all really because Iraq is the one of countries brave to challenge United state of America, plus his people in Islamic religion. Thus also Afghanistan that is attacked and be crushed because one of Islamic countries brave to challenge United State of America, and Allies and also United Nation and International Community who has agreed to elect United Stated lead the world.

Now we can compare what is Bush statement after September 11, 2001 attack. In 2003 the Bush Administration sought to reconcile these partially incompatible goals, by pursuing the priorities its September 2002 report, “The national Security Strategy of United State of America,” identified:
  1. Wage, and win, the war against the worldwide network of terrorist organization.
  2. Prevent any other great power from challenging the hegemonic position of united state as the sole global superpower.
  3. Deter the use of nuclear; biological, or chemical weapon against the United State and its allies.
  4. Pursue regime change and disarmament in Iraq by all means necessary, including the preemptive use of military force, to overthrow Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein and prevent Iraq acquiring weapons of mass destruction.
  5. Attempt to recruit global support for U.S military operation while, in those endeavor preventing the United State from becoming isolated from those parts of the world opposed to U.S operation overseas.
  6. Halt at least slow the proliferation of such weapons, concentrating on the effort to keep these weapons of mass destruction out of the grasp of other alleged terrorist movement such as Al-Qaeda.
  7. Pursue the search for technology solution to military problems through the development of smaller bombs, non lethal weapons, and an improved ballistic missile defense system in outer space.
  8. Remain capable of fighting (and winning) an armed conflict in at least two region of strategic importance to the United State, in military interventions that in the best of circumstances minimize American casualties.
  9. Maintain U.S technological superiority.
  10. Foster democratic values in other countries.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sleep Longer

“The early Bird gets the worm,” as the saying goes, and many think sleeping late is lazy or inactive. But for some, a good weekend means sleeping the day away. That may not be so lazy after all! Studies show that getting plenty of sleep is an important part or staying healthy.
The Fact Behind Snoozing
  • Human beings spend an average 1/3 of their lives sleep.
  • You burn more calories sleeping than watching television
  • The five stages of sleep are: rapping, light sleep, transformation between light sleep to deep sleep, deep sleep, and REM (Rapid Eye Movement).
  • Four year olds dream for an average three to four hours at night. This gradually decreases as they grow older to only 100 -120 minutes every night.
  • Whether you can remember them or not, every one dreams.
  • Snoring is not a sign of a deep sleep. It actually indicates a breathing obstruction and signals low quality sleep.
  • Coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol can damage the quality of sleep.

Before electricity, people could not choose their bedtime. After the sun went down, you turned in too, since lamps, radios, and television did not yet exist.

Technology has made life easier, but at the same time, it has stolen people’s sleep. In the early 1900’s people slept an average 9 hours a night, but it has decreased to 7 hours or less.
Don’t underestimate the importance of getting your Zs! Lack of sleep affects your stamina and memory. Being tired also slows down your mental processes and causes headaches. Studies show that surgeons make 20% more mistakes when they lack sleep.
Staying late also raises your risk of diabetes and heart attack since it increases your blood sugar level. Not only that, insufficient sleep affects your hormones, metabolism, and nervous system with affect similar to aging. Basically, the less you sleep, the faster you age. That must be why they call it beauty sleep!
So, early risers, watch out! Researcher conducted by University of Westmisnister shows that those who wake up before sunrise have a tendency to be more tense and temperamental compared to those who get up a bit later in the day. Beside that, early risers also have difficulty concentrating to colds, headaches, and muscle aches.
“I feel fine on my 5 hours a day,” you might say. Don’t be sure you may not realize the problems it is causing!
So, how long do you actually need to sleep? Eight hours in the minimal, but some experts even recommend nine to ten hours. For many people, however, sticking to the earlier bedtime is difficult. A variety of reasons, from work to late night TV, keep people up. To wake up at six a.m., you should be in bed by ten. That means you may have to skip movies TV programs. Are you willing to that?
Teenagers often make up for their lack of sleep during the weekend by sleeping into the afternoon. However, the older you get, the more difficult it is to compensate for lack of sleep at odd hours of the day.
Now that you realize the importance of having adequate pillow time, forcing yourself to sleep longer is not an easy thing to do. Your body becomes accustomed to the amount of sleep you’re getting. The only way is to set a regular bed time and try your best to stick to it.
This will be difficult at first and you may find yourself counting sheep. Swallowing sleeping pills is not a healthy solution. But there are a variety of relaxation techniques that may help drinking a cup of warm chamomile tea or milk, taking a warm shower, or exercising before bedtime.
Your bedroom plays a big part in getting you to la-la-land. First, make sure you have good air circulation in your room. Keep the temperature cool. Your bed is also very important, since you are going to spend around 100 days a year in it. A sturdy bed frame, a firm mattress, and clean soft sheets will make you comfortable.
On average, people fall asleep 15 minutes after the lights are switched off. However, soft music may speed the process along. Calm classical melodies are perfect choice, with no vocal or jarring beats to distract you.
Still unconvinced? Try getting to sleep an hour earlier every day for a week and you will feel the change. Einstein slept for 11 hour a night what he accomplished?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forest on fire in Riau

Riau Governor Rusli Zaenal had fly over to see the fired forest and field in two regency Bengkalis and Dumai (Daily Riau Pos, Thursday, January 29th, 2008). As following Governor from 42 fired point (hots spot) in Riau based on Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics Directory, now remain only four fired point. That far has reduced he said. Indonesian government Jusuf Kalla is ready in aid to extinguish the forest fired. The fired Forest not National Park, but at Dumai is Forest Park Sepahat in Bukit Batu Regency. The fired location is far in center of forest so difficult to achieve the destination.
Smoky area is spread out boundary till cities around such as Pekanbaru, Duri, Bangkinang until Bukit tinggi had felt smoky air. The forest has been burning usually had fell down to open field such as crude palm. Indonesian law number 14 about forest confirm that the company had been felling down National Park Forest, will be a criminal sanction at ten years in cell, or five milliard rupiahs fine, and his field will be confiscated, such as had been happen in North Sumatera province. Governor hope the understanding the people to not burn a field, and to all company that had burn field law force will arrest them as law mention it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Beginning of Lekton Bridge Name

Lekton Bridge is also said as Leton. It is the most luxurios bridge that exist in Pekanbaru city establish begin about 1975 year and finished and was legitimated fest by Soeharto President in April 19th, 1977. But the real name was Siak Bridge. How this can be? May be this is have to do with history of Pekanbaru Bridge.Before Lekton Bridge become most luxurious Bridge in Pekanbaru, there is an Pontoon bridge to connect between Bom baru in one side bank and Rumbai in other side bank of Siak river. This bridge like a boat inter connected till other side bank. This bridge if a ship or boat that must go across it, the bridge must be released for a while and pontoon boat bridge can be standing in the bank of river. Only in the morning and the evening this bridge is used and opened for public further more is only opened for PT. Caltex Oil Company, understand this bridge is belong to PT. Caltex Oil Company. Then after that, by cooperation between PT. Caltex now is known as Chevron and Province government is established Lekton Bridge was named by Siak River Bridge. Pekanbaru people in beginning does not knew that name when the contractor bridge company of Australia begin the Siak River Bridge Project. May be mean promotion that company write in big letter a street banner the name of that company LEICHTON at the both ends of planned bridge project. Since that Pekanbaru people guest leichton is the new name of Siak River bridge, caused that name is similar phonetic with the name of bridge before pontoon. Until in about year 1984, PT. Caltex insight that mistaken name of Siak bridge which known by the people till need to socialization name back to the people was “Jembatan Sungai Siak” or Siak River Bridge.

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